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Whether Looking for a Tasty Snack to Satisfy Your Hunger or to Give as a Gift or Reward, You’ve Definitely Come to the Right Place!

For over 60 years, Jerry’s Nut House has been supplying the Denver/Rocky Mountain area with delicious, high quality nuts and snacks … the very same snacks you can now get right here on this website.

Whether you want to have an incredibly tasty snack on hand for the next time you get hungry or you want to express your appreciation to a friend or colleague, Jerry’s Nut House is sure to have just the tasty option you’re looking for.

From Cashews to Cheese Popcorn … from Peanut Clusters to Pistachios … from Yogurt Pretzels to Deluxe Snack Mixes … we take great pride and care in producing each and every snack item we sell.

You can rest assured that when you order from Jerry’s Nut House you are receiving the highest quality, best-tasting snacks available.

After all, if nuts don’t meet our high standards … “we feed ‘em to the squirrels (not our customers)!”


So What’s Our Story?

Jerry’s Nut House was founded in Denver by Jerry Levine and his wife, Roie.

Jerry first got the idea for the business when he came home from serving in the Army during World War II and began attending the University of Denver.

You see, while he was a student at the University of Denver, to help support himself Jerry worked part time with his brother delivering snacks like Atomic Pickles, deviled eggs and nuts.

The nuts so intrigued Jerry that he began studying how they were grown and processed. Then after he finished college and stopped working with his brother, Jerry decided that nuts were his real passion.

Quickly, Jerry began buying, roasting and selling nuts throughout the Rocky Mountains.

Today, more than 60 years later, Jerry’s Nut House has become well-known for its attention to detail and high standards in producing freshly roasted nuts and other snack items.

The business has thousands of satisfied clients, including numerous bakeries, caterers, chocolatiers, distributers and other consumers, who all appreciate its exceptional products made available at reasonable prices.


People Go Absolutely ‘Nuts’ for Our Top 10 Products…

Here’s a list of our current best selling items:

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Remember, at Jerry’s Nut House we are dedicated to providing our customers with the very best snacks both in quality and taste. And with our wide variety of options you are sure to find something to satisfy any craving!

Also remember, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you order a snack from us and it does not meet your expectations we’ll exchange it or send you your money back! No questions asked.

See Our Guarantee.

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