Raw Nuts

At Jerry’s Nut House we are just nuts about raw nuts.

 We love them so much we’ve personally selected the best, highest quality nuts to share with you.  In some areas, quality raw nuts are hard to find.  Not so at Jerry’s Nut House!  Our raw nuts selection includes everything from almonds to pepitas and because we know preparing raw nuts can be time consuming, we offer many of our raw nuts sliced, diced, slivered, pieced, or shelled in addition to whole.

No need to spend hours working tasty sunflower kernels from their hull.  We have done that for you.  You can enjoy delicious raw sunflower kernels from just $3.00/14 Oz.  Making pesto?  Our raw pine nuts are the starring ingredient from just $12.00/8 Oz.  Do you like cashews?  Then you will love our colossal raw cashews that have the non-colossal starting price of $78.49/5 lbs.   With so many options along without bulk pricing, there is no need to hold back.  Go nuts!

There are endless ways to enjoy these healthy, raw nuts.

 Few things are more succulent than a warm Macadamia nut cookie, fresh from the oven.  Add protein to your oatmeal by mixing in a handful of slivered almonds.  A bowl of Spanish peanuts or pistachios will get more attention at a party than a bowl of chips.  Swap your regular walnuts for the intense flavor of eastern black walnuts in your favorite recipe.  Make your own granola.  Granola is very healthy and the ways you can vary it with raw nuts are virtually endless.  Trail mix is another one of those recipes that can be combined in hundreds of different ways using nuts.  Adding our raw pecans to your trial mix gives this snack an intense, satisfying flavor.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with raw nuts to find your ideal mix.

Raw nuts are very healthy.

 Since raw nuts have not been cooked, smoked or roasted in any way, their enzymes are intact.  Raw nuts are what is called a “live food”.  If you plant a raw nut, it will grow.  So what happens to all that good stuff inside a raw nut when you eat it?  It goes into your body.  The protein helps build your muscles and improves brain function.  The fat and fiber in raw nuts increases feelings of satiety so you feel fuller longer.  The fiber also helps to keep you regular.  Nuts are cholesterol free and, depending on the type of raw nuts you choose, are a good source of niacin (peanuts), omega-3 fatty acids (walnuts), and vitamin E (almonds).

Raw nuts.

There simply isn’t a downside.  Eat them by the handful, enrich your recipes, make them the ultimate snack and party food – however, wherever and why ever you enjoy raw nuts, each delicious bite improves your health and well being.

Here at Jerry’s Nuts House we know our nuts.  We love nuts and we want you to love them too.  Browse our selection, click, call or drop by.  With Jerry’s Nut Houseyou always have accessibility to the highest quality, most delicious, most nutritious, raw nuts.