Try All Our Taste Temptations





Why flavors you ask?

Simple because what we offer are more than just “Items”. Ugh it’s a dirty word around here… Items, Uck.
We make tasty treats that we take great pride in making and bringing to you.

A flavor is, I quote… bear with me here: “the distinct quality of a particular food or drink as perceived by the taste buds and the sense of smell.”
What we do is a break from the mundane ordinary stuff you can just “grab” off the shelf at the grocery store.

So why are we different? Why Flavors?

  • Our popcorn is popped and flavored in house, starting with the best kernels we can find
  • Caramel is cooked in a copper pot by our master popper Johnny… awesome smell from at least 7 Blocks away
  • Nuts no need to say it, but i will – roasted by us to perfection
  • Nut Mixes – can’t beat ’em, from the classic mixes to something more unexpected.
  • Snack Mixes and Trail Mixes are made and mixed and always tested by us. They are are unique creations. How do we come up with such spectacular mixes?
    We’ll let yo in on some of our secrets ===>Check it out here<===
  • Chocolate… Well we’re chocolate lovers. So only the best passes the Jerry’s Test!
  • Candy… ‘Bout the only thing we don’t do ourselves. We make sure we stock all the good stuff, from retro candy that’s hard to find to new innovate flavors.
  • I could keep going, but I won’t

    It’s time for you to start trying all our flavors.

    Why are you still reading?
    Get outta here…

    Fine well if you insist on reading more check out our story