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What type of candy do you crave? Taffy, gummi bears licorice... we are more than just M&M's or Jelly Belly Candy.
We have just about any sort of hard or soft bulk candy that you can imagine. bulk candy licorice So let your imagination run wild. We'll do our best to satisfy your craving.

So indulge yourself, you deserve a treat. And when you treat yourself why not get exactly what your little heart desires? Because we know it's important to have exactly what you want, we stock our bulk candy store with all sorts of goodies. If you love salty sweet, maybe your treat is a piece of salt water taffy or nostalgic for an old time favorite? Then grab yourself a bit-o-honey. You might love the heat of an atomic fireball... but don't say I didn't warn you... they pack a punch. We love our candy... willy wonka and the chocolate factory style. Not that any of us here have a bit of a sweet tooth... Ok Ok, you caught us... maybe we do :)

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We love putting smiles on people's faces when they get exactly the candy they are looking for.
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We're here to fill all you sweet bulk candy dreams. Plus we're really friendly on the phone or through email... hard to be upset when you get all the candy you can eat!

So why would you want to order bulk candy?

Well you could be looking for wholesale candy - building your own sweet factory, looking for some bulk wedding candy or just loading up on bulk halloween candy or bulk Christmas candy.
If your looking to start bulk candy vending you'll love our selection - we have both wrapped and unwrapped bulk candy.

Did you know--- Fun fact: Candy is the 575th most popular name for girls.

What is candy exactly?
Well the dictionary definition is: "a rich sweet confection made with sugar or other sweeteners and often flavored or combined with fruits or nuts."
But the definition doesn't do bulk candy justice... Bulk candy is Oh so much sweeter!

Do you think you're the first to crave some candy?
- No way. Candy dates back to ancient times. It's thought that even the cave man craved some sugary goodness
- and would risk life and limb to grab honey and honeycomb from the nest to satisfy their ancient sweet tooth.

Ancient Bulk Candy

In 1500 BC The Egyptians went hog-wild and being the innovators that they were- invented tons of candy.
Pharaoh certainly must have loved the sweets!, Bet you didn't know that they created the marshmallow. By extracting the sap of the mallow root which grew fairly abundantly and mixing it with other ingredients they were the first to create the marshmallow.
They were also the genesis of licorice candy and several other sweets!bulk candy

However, it wasn't until the middle ages that sugar began to be produced and manufactured. At that time, sugar was reserved only for nobility and the very rich.
It wasn't until the 17th century that the cost of manufacturing sugar dropped significantly and hard sugar candy became more accessible and popular with the masses.
By the mid-1800s, there were over 400 factories in the USA alone manufacturing and producing candy.

Fun fact: In 1847 Mrs. Crowen's American Lady's Cookery Book was published and included recipes for lemon, coconut as well as a recipe for candied lemon peel.

Golden Age Of Candy

Not too long after in 1880 the iconic halloween candy corn was created by the Wunderie company.
And Shortly following, the tootsie roll appeared in 1896.bulk candy lollypop Then in 1908 someone by the name of George Smith stuck a stick in a piece of hard candy and called it a "lolly pop".
Yes, the late 1800's and early 1900's saw a boom of bulk candy makers. And it was considered the golden era of modern candy.

Bulk Candy has continued to evolve throughout the years and modernly, candy makers are coming up even more awesome flavor combinations, unique bulk candy shapes, and even some bizarre and strange bulk candies to sintillate the palate.
If you'd like to know more about the history of bulk candy - you can check out this awesome bulk candy information resource at bulk candy

So Remember-

This is your bulk candy shop.

Go get your favorites, go wild - try new delicious flavors.
Really we only have one rule in this bulk candy store -- ENJOY.