Gourmet Almonds

This is the place to buy almonds online!

You're gonna love the roasted and raw nuts we have for you. Our Almonds are Primo! We start with the best and they're great raw or expertly roasted. And we're ahead of the curve with our flavored almonds.

Do you love Sea Salt And Pepper Chips... Well we've got a treat, we we're inspired so we went ahead and made Sea Salt And Pepper Almonds. Delish... Minus the guilt of a fried chip. So go buy almonds online now!

Feeling French?
Try an Herbes Des Provence Almond. - You're not gonna find these babies anywhere else. Ok that's not entirely true, we've chosen some select stores to carry our specialty almonds.
That's right your gonna want to go buy raw, roasted almonds and nuts online - don't wait!

And just in time for the holidays we have Cinnamon Toffee Almonds. Made completely in house, with real cinnamon, real sugar and real butter. You're in for a treat... we make the cinnamon toffee in a copper kettle and mix in our uber tasty almonds. Once the almonds are perfect we spread em out on special drying tables- hit em again with a dusting of cinnamon sugar and let the toffee coated nuts dry for a full 24 hours before packing.

Oh its work... but we love the end result and so will you!

So you can believe me when i say this is the place to buy almonds online!

Ok that was supposed to be the big finale... the last line.... you're supposed to go try some now! No Really Go try them... Last time... let's try it again -

"This is the place to buy almonds online!"