Skinny you and your secret fat kid inside will LOVE this— Chocolate a Health food?

Yep that’s right I can stay lookin GOOOOOD and…
please Filibert (my secret inner fat kid).

Filbert loves chocolate – he can’t get enough. I’ve tried feeding him other things — the freshest veggies, super sweet and succulent strawberries, even the best fillet minion EVER. Oh i’ve tricking him into liking something “heathy” , but he’s just not gonna go for it.

There is just no substitute for something sweet and especially for that chocolate craving. So Filbert this one’s for you!
You can have your chocolate (I’ll even let you eat it in public while everyone watches) because now I can feel great about eating it too!

The health benefits of dark chocolate are still coming to the fore! Read about the latest vote of confidence from the European Food Safety Authority

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