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We’re Jerry’s Nut house – from denver colorado selling primo, popcorn, candy, trail mix, chocolate and nuts online since 1948.
Used to be that we mainly sold in the Denver area… but why deprive all you snack craving people of our delicious treats?

Well we’re not going to… you can now buy nuts online that will be the best you’ve ever had! You’re guaranteed to love what you get. Might i point out our nutty guarantee.

Jerry Levine started the business in 1948 with his brother after coming back home after a tour of duty in World War II.
Jerry was a nut! His fanatic love for the highest quality of nuts has been passed down from the very start.
To this day, only the best passes the “Jerry’s Seal of Approval” — If not we feed it to the squirrels…

Jerry created strong personal relationships with his suppliers – relationships that still exist today.
It’s because of the personal attention that we’re able to get the best of the crop.

The business is still family run to this day and now the 3rd generation of “nuts” is working at Jerry’s.
The original building has been complete redone, logo updated and now we’re letting you buy nuts online

The passion for perfectly roasting our nuts — which is all done in house is strong.
That means that our cashews, pecans, almonds etc… are freshly roasted before arriving at your doorstep.

We pop our own special gourmet popcorns.
From perfectly done, simple butter popcorn and cheddar cheese popcorn to our pumpkin pie spice popcorn and smokin’ cheddar pop – we bring the flavor.

You’ll fall in love with our selection of candy and chocolate.

Retro candy, wedding candy, scrumptious chocolate treats and delights.
And you’ve gotta try the double dipped chocolate malt balls or the chocolate expresso beans… YUM!

When you buy nuts online from Jerry’s you’re getting primo, gourmet, Uber delicious… (i could keep going but i won’t) snacks!

Oh and did i mention – that all our trail mixes are signature blends. Ok so you might be able to find something similar but not with the same superb quality and fair price.

That’s the value we promise you.

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